Top activity reports help parents find out the mostly visited websites, searched terms, contacted persons, used Apps/Games etc.
Top Ten Websites Visited
List the top ten websites visited, such as Amazon, YouTube.
Top Ten Online Searches
List the top ten searched terms from Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu etc.
Top Ten Apps/Games Used
Report the top used apps /games like Facebook/Clash Royale.
Top Ten Contacted Persons
Show the top ten contacted persons from call history.
Top Blocked Websites
Show the attempts of visiting the blocked websites.
Top Blocked Apps/Games
Display the attempts of opening the blocked Apps/Games.
Why Will You Find Top Activity Reporting Useful?

Top activity reporting lets parents easily focus on the top important activities conducted by children, know better about children’s phone usage habit, foresee the potential problems that may confront children, and thus take timely action to prevent harms in advance!

Online Web Threats

The Internet is also the source of cyberbullying, pornography, adult content, and violence. At first, children may access those inappropriate websites by accident, but later they may keep visiting those sites for a long term due to spiritual excitement. Children themselves are too young to judge what is good and what is bad. Some psychological harm may be hard to get rid of once it is made. It’s every parent’s duty to check if children have accessed inappropriate websites frequently.

Online Predators

Top activity reporting allows parents to check children’s mobile activities in a convenient and easy way and shows parents whom children have contacted the most frequently. Furthermore parents are able to protect children from dangers or harms by detecting whether children have befriended strangers, Internet predators, or solicitors who send sexual information and lure children to make offline contact.

Smartphone Usage Habit/Interests

By checking children’s top activity, parents can have a better understanding of children’s phone usage habit and interests. For example, children may prefer Monument Valley and Flappy Parrot to Duolingo and other study apps. And parents are able to guide children towards the healthy smartphone usage habit in a more acceptable and reasonable way.