This feature helps parents monitor apps which have been downloaded, and control games or apps which could be installed or used.
Inappropriate Apps/Games
Parents can block inappropriate apps/games by names.
Alert on App Blocked
Get an alert when children try to open the blocked apps.
Schedule to Block
Set schedules to block specific apps during a time period.
Why Will You Find This Feature Useful?

By monitoring the download, installation, and usage of the games and apps, parents know clearly what children often do, and how much time they spend on each app. This feature also teaches parents how to control the app usage so as to protect children from addiction to playing cell phone games.

Game Addiction

Many parents think that this is the biggest question for them because today’s teenagers love to play games so much. Some children are even addicted to playing games day and night.

Violent Video Games

Violent video games increase aggressive thoughts, angry feelings, and impulsive behaviors. The research shows that teenagers who get used to playing violent video games become psychologically numb to their lives.

Social Apps

Social apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram offer children easy channels to make friends with strangers who are likely to pretend to be good guys. Innocent children may send their privacy photos and personal information to strangers. Furthermore, what will happen if they finally decide to meet with the online friends in real life? Unfortunately, what if the online friends are just sexual predators, or robbers who are hunting for the prey on the social apps?