Stop Cyber-bullying

Admittedly, the digital age now we are living in is amazing but on the other hand it can also be frightening. With the amount of cyber-bullyings increasing, children are more prone to get involved in such dangers. Thus, ensuring their online safety by stopping cyber-bullying is no doubt one of parents’ top priorities. With MyChildmonitor, parents can secretly monitor who your kids chat with and what they talk about. Meantime, set alert of certain sensitive words so that you can get notified when those keywords are spotted.

Stop Online Cyber-bullying

Social and chat activities are the main stream for cyber-bullying. MyChildMonitor helps you identify them and protect your children in time.

Set up Alert Notifications

Get notifications when certain preset alert keywords, such as violence, porn, are detected in your children’s online activities.

When parents notice children’s text, tweet, or response to a status update on Facebook, chats, etc. is harsh, mean, or cruel, you’d better pay more attention and dig deeper. Once a potential cyber-bullying is spotted, it is time for parents to respond thoughtfully and show support. You can keep the relevant logs as evidence and work with kids to find the most appropriate solutions.

  • Stop Cyber-bullying Protect kids online
  • Block inappropriate apps Block Facebook, WhatsApp, etc
  • Send Alerts Alert on Inappropriate Activity