Protect Kids Online by Blocking Apps/Games

The youngest children are spending a growing amount of time online these days. However, the online world does have a dark side. Dangers are everywhere in cyberspace, from inappropriate websites to games, porn or even drug addiction. MyChildMonitor can help parents reduce these risks by restricting children’s online usage, eg., blocking porn or other inappropriate Apps/Games/Websites on the devices and limiting screen time.

Block Inappropriate Websites

Prevent your children from accessing websites containing porn, adult, gambling or other inappropriate content.

Block Unwanted Apps/Games

Manage your children’s app/game usage by blocking unwanted or inappropriate apps/games during homework time, bedtime, or all the time.

Limit Screen Time

Set time limits to prevent excessive Internet usge and the device will be blocked during specified periods.

In this way, MyChildMonitor helps all you create a safe and clean online environment for your children and stop them from becoming the victims of porn, game, or other online dangers. With its assistances, you are able to easily restrict the usage of certain apps/games to avoid addiction and set time limits to prevent excessive use. Besides, you can be assured that your children are sensibly using the devices as an educational tool especially when they are at school.

  • Block Inappropriate Websites Porn, Violence, Gambling, Drug
  • Block Apps / Games Facebook, Snapchat, Crashlands
  • Limit Screen Time Set Time Limit on Device Usage