This feature will keep records of all websites visited in any browser of the device and block any specific website easily.
URLs & Titles
Record the URLs and titles of visited websites.
Date & Time
Log the date and time of visited websites.
Block Inappropriate Websites
Block porn or inappropriate websites by keywords.
Why Will You Find Web Filter Useful?

Whatever the age of children, it is essential and important to keep them safe when browsing websites. This feature not only helps parents monitor what kind of websites children are visiting, but also helps protect children from pornography, violent videos or other inappropriate online contents.

Pornography Websites

Teenagers are easy to find many pornography sites on the Internet, which have a bad effect on their mental and physical health. Today’s pornography websites usually pop up automatically without any caution!

Violent or Bloody Videos

Violent and bloody videos also affect children’s minds. When children watch these violent clips, some kids who have relatively weak self-control or strong curiosity will imitate the behavior of the characters, and even commit crimes.

Gambling Sites

Teenagers are easy to get access to sites which promote teen gambling on the Internet. Nearly 2 in 5 males surveyed in grades 10 and 11 in USA admitted that they had visited such gambling sites, many of which were of highly addictive nature.