Using MyChildMonitor, parents will easily set time limits for any app or browser on children’s devices. Parents will be relieved to see that children don’t spend too much time in front of the screens and concentrate on studies!
Bed Time
Lock smartphone screens when children sleep.
School Time
Children won’t have access to cell phones at school.
Homework Time
Children won’t be able to use cell phones when doing homework.
Screen Lock/Unlock
Make schedules to lock/unlock screens, app filter, web filter.
Time Limits for Apps
Set time limits for apps like Facebook and Skype.
Time Length Limits
The length limits of screen time will also be controlled.
Why Will You Find Screen Time Limit Useful?

The feature will not only help children stay away from internet indulgence or social medias, but also reduce cell phone radiation exposure. Besides, it will help children develop self-control.

Internet Addiction

Children will indulge in the Internet if they focus too heavily on cell phones, which will affect their study and personal life. It will be hard for children to concentrate on learning wholeheartedly. This feature will help prevent children from internet addiction.

Doing Harm to Body

If children spend too much time on smartphone screens, their bodies will be seriously hurt! Blue light from the screens not only makes it difficult for children to fall asleep, but also does harm to their brains and eyes. With the feature, children’s cell phone radiation exposure will be reduced.

Losing Self-Control

Children will also lose self-control if they are addicted to cell phones. Children will not know when to go offline and do homework, and won’t even realize when they should eat, drink, rest or sleep! By limiting screen time, children will develop good cell phones habits.